SCTL provides a wide range of compositions services, using software such as:

  • Arbortext (3B2)
  • LaTeX
  • Adobe InDesign & FrameMaker
  • QuarkXPress
  • MS-Office

Plug-Ins such as:

  • Incopy
  • Autopage
  • PowerMath
  • Xtags
  • MathType

XML-Workflow: SCTL has developed in-house XML-first workflow for the composition of journals and books using a 3B2 pagination engine, LaTeX and Adobe InDesign systems. Automation in the workflow helps to ensure consistent quality, faster turnaround times and, above all, cost effectiveness.

Our outstanding team of compositors uses the latest typesetting procedures and technologies. We translate content between various file formats, fully preserving content integrity, layout information, MathML and TeX/LaTeX coding.

Our technical development team develops tools, scripts and macros to aid the production process. Expertise is available in C, C++, VB, .Net, Shell scripts, XSLT, XSL-FO, macros in Word and Photoshop, Illustrator – and more. Our Production technical Engineers also assists in developing workflows for any new project, updating the existing workflow to bring in process and productivity improvement.

SCTL effectively manages large document typesetting in the following categories:

  • Books and Journals: scientific, technical, medical, academic, EL-Hi, fiction, non-fiction.
  • Special volumes: magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogue, directories.

Your SCTL team members have the experience and technology necessary to turn your raw manuscript into a refined final project. We'll work with you to make sure we achieve total clarity on your project specifications.

Your dedicated project team will use our proprietary XML-based workflow to quickly deliver the chosen format with superior output quality.

Our people are experienced with standard software like QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker etc. If you need a special template, we can create one for you based on your specifications.

And you have dedicated, anytime access to the assigned production team, throughout the publishing lifecycle the work gets done right and you have your questions answered and problems solved promptly.