SCTL is a typesetting service provider and has been successfully involved in producing many high complexity digital content tasks which are real challenge for our content specialists who are comfortable in integrating various ranges of typesetting composition and applications and creating first XML workflow for InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX and FrameMaker into XML processes which gives the best deal for the customers to choose between with various digital content generated from the XML workflows.

We provide exclusive facilities of the typesetting in numerous Indian and Foreign languages, in diverse fonts for the authors, publishers, etc. We utilize our mellow experience and a well equipped studio with sophisticated computers and software to provide customized and outstanding typesetting services. We can easily adapt to whatever format you prefer, or suggest a book layout and design in accordance with your specific requirements.

We cater to customized and specific requirements of our clients and customers of various sectors gratifyingly, and utilize optimally and elegantly the expertise and experience of our competent manpower. Our organization is an one-step solution to a wide range of creative, ingenious, and technical problems, concerned with our myriads of clients and customers. We believe in working closely with our clients through all stages from development to implementation.

SCTL offers a full-range of typesetting services for Medical, Scientific, Educational, Technical, complex Mathematical books and journals. We work closely with publishing houses, self-publishers and authors. Specializing in InDesign, QuarkXPress, TEX/LaTeX, 3B2 and composition formats.

Typesetting composition:

  • Single and multiple column pagination.
  • Indesign composition for multi format.
  • TeX/LaTeX composition for journals and books.
  • 3B2 typesetting for various column.
  • QuarkXPress composition.
  • Template creation and editing.

Our typesetters use the latest in typesetting tools like TeX and XML to optimally typeset your content, whether it’s text, table or graphics, to give you books that are ready for publishing. With typesetting services from SCTL, you can be rest assured that your content is in expert hands, and it will be delivered to your expectations, and perhaps even better.