Electronic publishing (ePublishing) is the future of publishing. It's also part of today's fast-changing reality.

Searchability, sharability, portability, and access are the main reasons that people love ePublications. That's true for scholarly, scientific, and medical journals. It's true for people who use reference materials on disk or on the web. And it's true for readers of books or eBooks.

But ePublishing gives you special challenges. You must make your material available in different media, each with its own formatting requirements. And you need to bring your products to market quickly while you keep up with changing technologies.

Reach new markets by digitizing and enriching your printed content. Give us your print files and we will convert them into an eBook or an interactive digital flip book ready to be sold in this new and exciting market. Your content will reach new, digital-savvy markets globally and thus open new doors for you.

SCTL provides a wide range of world-class services and solutions to the world’s leading publishers, professional and scholarly publishing societies and university presses. In particular, SCTL has strong capabilities in the composition and data conversion markets for STM, Academic, Social Science and Humanities journals and books. We deliver article PDF, issue and press PDF with adverts and cover PDF integrated, web PDF and electronic products such as SGML/XML headers, full text SGML/XML for database and HTML for online publishing. Our technology support and operations group apply their extensive experience and knowledge for the development of appropriate tools, technologies and production processes for each client.

As experts in LaTeX, QuarkXPress, InDesign, 3B2, and FrameMaker, we provide front-end XML for simultaneous delivery to print, digital media and devices.

Our eBook workflow benefits from several years of fine-tuning, making it as robust and fast as possible. We first convert all your inputs to the xml format, the basis of all other eBook formats, using an automated process assisted by especially developed in-house tools. We then carry out the quick and simple second-step conversion to the format of your choice. Thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of this workflow, we are able to ramp up at great speed to process higher volumes.

SCTL, with its unique content transformation framework, carries out transformation of typeset pages into multiple electronic formats like OeB (Open eBook), Adobe eBook Optimized PDF, Microsoft Reader, and Palm OS files with SVG images, embedded metadata and also transform eBooks from SGML/XML files and PDFs.

We undertake projects that convert back-list journals and books to eBooks as well as the creation of new eBooks. We create eBooks from hard copy (including images, photographs, graphics, mathematical symbols) and from any electronic format. We compile text, images, photos, sounds, animation and movies into a portable, compact and attractive eBook.

SCTLs eBook services help to meet your audience's needs for mobile content, and your own need for high-quality, scalable and cost-effective delivery. We convert content to any industry standard or proprietary eBook format – including EPUB, MOBI, PRC – to suit multiple eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, Sony Reader, among others.

Our Strengths:

  • Quality.
  • Strict adherence to Turn Around Time.
  • Scalability.
  • In house developed tools with highly accurate outputs.
  • Follow Best Practices.
  • Project Management Skills.