SCTL's content technology experts can help you enhance your production processes to efficiently and affordably create enhanced eBooks to delight your customers. Enhanced eBooks can captivate your readers with unparalleled interactive experiences.

From text books to romance novels, from medical journals to software manuals—we do it all.

Since the advent of eBooks, SCTL's media designers, technologists, and content developers have helped publishers and corporations find innovative ways to create enhanced, interactive content. Our experts take traditionally published content and transform it into exciting enhanced eBook products – converting casual readers into loyal digital customers in the process. Our eBook specialists have in-depth knowledge of the features and functionality supported by the EPUB standard.

  • Enhanced eBooks include.
  • Hidden searchable text.
  • Collapsible tables of contents.
  • Rich media features including audio, video, and interactivity.
  • Internal linking - footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes.
  • External linking - geolocation/directions/associated websites/social media sites.
  • MathML.
  • Java Script Embedding.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics technologies.