ePub is a globally accepted eBook format which is an extension of the XML format for reflowable digital books and publications. With the proliferation of mobile and tablet based digital reader devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and other epub reader devices, epub format eBooks are now in great demand.

We handle ePub conversion for almost every format that you may wish your content in. We handle pdf to epub conversion, word to epub, XML to epub, HTML, Quark, RTF…you name it and we can do it. Our ePub Team will work closely with you to recognize the best possible solution for your eBook publishing need.

This new, expanded version includes significant changes that make enhanced eBooks more approachable and affordable. It has these features:

  • HTML5- and CSS3-based.
  • Better support for fonts, styling and languages.
  • Support for MathML.
  • Rich media support (audio, video).
  • JavaScript for interactive content.
  • Greater ability for references and linking.
  • Broader support for metadata.
  • Multiple features to assist Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines.

Our technology team focuses on the real-time deployment of the latest market developments and is constantly refining our conversion tools and processes to optimize rapid eBook production.

For publishers of all sizes, the whole process of designing, creating, publishing, distributing, promoting and updating an eBook is filled with technical, manufacturing and business challenges. We are very proficient in converting journals, PDF, MS Word, printed books, magazines, paper manuscript, etc., to various eBook formats like .epub for iPad, Sony, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, iPhone, etc.; .prc for Kindle; .lit for Microsoft Reader; .lrf for Sony and many other formats as per your requirements.

We offers eBook prep services to convert your manuscript into a high-quality, accurate, engaging industry standard ePub/ePub3 content-rich format with multimedia resources of minimal file size for all digital reading devices. We produce eBook formats for all eReading devices including Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad, Sony's eReader, Nooks and more. Our ePub Team will work closely with you to recognize the best possible solution for your eBook publishing need.

You can rely on our ePub services to overcome these challenges by availing our wide range of ePublishing services. Our extensive expertise and advanced technologies enable us to easily and efficiently replicate the original data into electronic form. Content is edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation to meet professional publication standards.