Nothing captures the intensity of visuals than eye-popping pictures and vivid videos. SCTL has a dedicated multimedia team that caters to such challenging and diverse requisites. Our team of experts lends life to mundane pictures that can leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Be it cartoons, image editing or short films, our expertise are sure to mould your needs into eclectic products.

Visual plays an important role in attracting viewers’ attention. If the visual is as attractive as the book, then the book is instant hit. For instance, when we open a book you can’t stop your eyes going for the picture the moment we open it. In most of the books the graphics makes the clear concept of the whole book.

SCTL team understands the essential of the art and graphics works and play according to it. Our graphic designers are innovative and experienced in evaluating viewers experience while reading a book and stick to the concept to make the reading more purposeful and enjoyable.

Book illustrations take more than just the art of sketching. They require a sound knowledge of the publishing process, the colors, the typeset and even the subject matter. No wonder, often times, illustrators are skilled in a single type of illustration only.

As a publisher, hiring ten different kinds of illustrators for your different on-and-off needs can be cost-intensive; not to mention the time consuming aspect of finding different kinds of illustrators. And that’s where we come in. We have a team of experts who are skilled in different kinds of book illustrations, thus giving you the time and cost advantage over your competition.

Our illustration services cover every kind of illustrations under the sun; it could be situational illustrations meant to drive home a point; it could be technical illustrations for STM books meant to make data crunching easier for readers; it could be cartoon illustrations for children’s books; it could be character illustrations for fiction and non-fiction; it could even be real or fictitious maps; the list of our illustration services is exhaustive.

Our team of illustrators and graphic designers can handle Lineart, Halftone, Line and Tone in b/w as well as color; whatever your requirement, we give you book illustrations that are of the highest quality and give your books the interactive edge over your competitors.