Print on Demand (POD) is exactly what it sounds like. Printing documents ONLY when you ACTUALLY need them. There are several reasons why digital Print-on-Demand is your organization’s best choice for short run print jobs. POD will save you money on shipping and storage. With POD you are able to customize your print materials so they appeal to different donor or prospect segments and – for short run print – POD is the greener choice because you only print exactly what you need which means less waste and less impact on the environment.

No other form of printing combines immediacy and permanency like POD. Besides immediate turnaround, POD enables you to introduce elements of customization and specialization into your printed products so you can create materials tailored to the specific interests of each of your donors with an eye to improved donor communications that are interesting and engaging to each individual. By taking advantage of these customization options and integrating POD with other aspects of your donor communications, you can maximize the marketing value of your printed products.

Our POD page scanning production is carried out to the highest possible standard. All images are hand-scanned page by page to ensure that any skew in the original printed material is compensated at the scanning time.

Advantages of POD :

  • Authors gain because publishing cost is being lowered substantially.
  • Readers will have much more choice of and old titles.
  • Publishers can keep all their titles available, without letting them go out of print.
  • Booksellers should be able to benefit by offering many more titles without storing them in their warehouses.
  • No inventory infrastructure.
  • Print smaller quantities quickly and more cost effectively.
  • You can use POD to print book proofs for marketing purposes.
  • The ability to bring out-of-print lines back into production.
  • Create either by paperback or hardback methods.
  • Helps Publisher Reach new market and make more sale.
  • Innovative approach to fulfill publisher printing requirements.

POD is a print and distribution solution that enables authors to have their books printed and shipped as individual orders are made. Your book will be made available through Anchor Distributors to major sales channels like Amazon, Lightning Source, Inc., Booksurge/CreateSpace.