SCTL provides state-of-the-art document scanning and imaging services. Our document scanning services includes quality scanning from hard copies, important business contracts, or proposals or simply scan documents, layout plans, drafts, blue prints etc.

Our scanning and imaging service is designed to handle any size paper be it letter, legal, large format paper, or unsized paper.

Our document scanning services cover the scanning of documents, drawings, microfilms and photographs. We provide bulk document scanning, high volume data capture, OCR and PDF conversion to capture any form of information and convert to electronic format. Documents can be converted into a variety of formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc.

Our digital imaging services involve capturing the data through our state-of-the-art scanners, storing it in our machines, looking for any aberrations out there and setting them right. It could be color correction, it could be image editing, it could be image enhancement, it could be photo retouching or anything else, which could be the difference between a book and the perfect book.

We have demonstrated the ability to handle high volume scanning jobs with the stringent deadlines in various industries such as Publishing, Science, Engineering, Automobiles etc., with our sophisticated high speed scanners such as Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu.

With the right mix of modern technology and human intervention, we give the publishers perfect data, which can be stored digitally and which can be used to print a book and create an eBook for ePublishing or any other way. And it can be done with a snap of the fingers.

Document scanning and document imaging services to make sure you get the content the way you wanted it.