We provides exclusive and highly accurate data at least of 99.995% accuracy. With complete confidentiality and high level of accuracy the customers prefer to outsource their jobs to us. We offer services for all kinds of textual data capturing from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, web research etc. with high accuracy levels.

We have the expertise and capacity to handle your most complex, time-critical and cost-sensitive composition, imaging and data conversion projects. In addition, we can help you to clearly define your conversion requirements and develop the appropriate conversion methods.

Internalize the "First Time Right" motto, "Enhance Customer Value" and "Exceed Client Expectations".

  • We realize and appreciate the reason why the customers outsource and we are committed to providing them with a positive value on a cost-benefit analysis.
  • We believe that "Change Is The Only Constant" and will strive to continuously improve our processes and methodologies to lower our costs and improve the quality of our deliverables.
  • We will strive to continuously exceed our customers' expectations and aim to become their "First Choice" for additional business.
  • We will strive at being "First Time Right" at every stage of our production process to promote conformance to client needs and expectations.
  • Our infrastructure and environment are conducive to creating a collaborative, healthily competitive and productive work environment, and our culture promotes integrity, courtesy and fairness towards all individuals, teams, associates and stakeholders of our company.
  • The quality policy is seen in action through the single minded dedication of our members, each of whom have contributed to the formulation of this policy.